Friday, September 10, 2010

Grand Falls New Brunswick

The Falls of Grand Falls
The Falls of Grand Falls

Mark and I left Moncton after getting the oil changed in my bike at Toys for Big Boys and headed towards Grand Falls, the birth place of my mother.

We got in to Grand Falls at about 6 pm and called my uncle who drove us to the falls and down the quaint main street - it brought back so many childhood memories. We then went to visit my aunt and then out for a nice supper....

We headed to our hotel - the Quality Inn. We were greeted by a young gal who spoke decent English and had a great smile. She got our paperwork done, told us about breakfast, internet, the pool, hot and sauna and then when asked provided us with rags to wipe down the bikes - it was raining slightly and we knew from the forecast we would need them to wipe seats down in the morning.
Quality Inn - Pres Du Lac
The unique "gates" that lead to the Quality Inn - Pres Du Lac
Night View of made lake/fountain
The night time view of the cabins across the little man made lake/fountain.
 veranda with lawn chairs
A great little veranda with lawn chairs...

The lobby of Quality Inn
The lobby

The Lounge
The Lounge
This is an older hotel but it is sooo very clean and well maintained - you can tell that all of the staff here take great pride in the building and their jobs.

national flag in the middle
I thought the flags with the national flag in the middle surrounded by the provincial and territorial flags all around to be such a patriotic touch - I loved and appreciated it.

man made lake and fountain day time view
The day time view of the cabins around the man made lake and fountain
main part of the hotel
The main part of the hotel

Louise on the front desk and Claudette in the breakfast room were absolutely wonderful to deal with. Cheerful, friendly and helpful - I appreciated their customer service and their can do attitudes.
If you ever find yourself in Grand Falls, please consider using this very rider friendly hotel...they are members of the Rider Friendly Business Association and your BDB Club card is good here!
I am very sure that you will appreciate your experience here!

Quality Inn Grand Falls
10039 Route 144
St. André NB E3Y 3H5
(506) 473-1300