Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 33, another glorious day in New Brunswick

I got up bright and early, had a great breakfast at the Marriott and jumped on Black Betty. 
The morning destination was Cape Jourimain. Last year when I had come through this region I had wanted to stop there but time was against me, this time was different!
Cape Jourimain Interpretive Centre
Cape Jourimain Interpretive Centre

solar water fountain
A solar water fountain
 The Interpretative Centre is ecological friendly and tells the tale of the sea life, the flora and fauna of the region. The many exhibits feature the birds of the region, the sea life and concentrate on environmental change and impacts. One of the first things you come across is a solar water fountain. It is amazingly beautiful AND environmentally friendly!

You can relive the history of the people of the area through the artwork and exhibits and take in the various walking trails. The wild roses were pungent as all of the bushes were heavy in bloom. 
The roses smelled so good
I walked along some of the walking paths, and went down to the beach to get some great shots of the light house and the Confederation Bridge.  
Confederation Bridge
The Confederation Bridge
Lighthouse at Cape Jourimain
The Lighthouse at Cape Jourimain
 There is an observation deck that affords some fantastic views of the 1870 light house that plays home to one of the very few colonies of cliff swallows in the region.
from the observation deck
The view from the observation deck
lighthouse from the observation deck
The lighthouse from the observation deck
If you enjoy history and the environment then you will truly enjoy the 2-3 hours it takes to really absorb everything that is on offer here.

For more information on the Interpretive Centre and it’s offerings:
Cape Jourimain Nature Centre
5039 route 16, Bayfield, NB, Canada E4M 3Z8
Telephone: 1-866-538-2220 or (506) 538-2220
Fax: 1-506-538-2226

After I got done taking in the Cape Jourimain Interpretive Centre there was one other thing in this part of New Brunswick I have always wanted to see, the Angel of Cap Pele, so off I went!

Cap Pele is a world renowned smoking centre for the fishing industry with over 30 smoke houses and it is also home to the famous Aboiteau Beach where they claim the water temperature varies between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius making it the warmest water north of Virginia.
Very informative displays

I came to take in the museum here and while it is a small one located at the visitors centre it is very informative and has some wonderful displays pertaining to the smoke house industry. 

I also wanted to see the Angel of Cap Pele – erected in 1935, this Concrete Statue is mounted on a stone pedestal and is one of the very few monuments in Canada to be erected on a highway.
Angel was created by an unknown Quebec artist and placed at the intersection of Acadie Rd and Robichaud St, in Cap-Pelé.
The Angel

The Angel was created by an unknown Quebec artist and placed at the intersection of Acadie Rd and Robichaud St, in Cap-Pelé. She protects the fishing and farming industries and is said to have protective powers over armed forces personnel from the town/region.


Since I was this close, I decided to go and visit Shediac in the day time.

Pointe-du-Chêne Wharf is located in Pointe-du-Chêne NB and is part of Shediac Bay
The wharf with all of the sail boats in is spectacular by day, by night it is stunning!

Dotted with restaurants, pubs, tour companies and gift shops there is a $2 parking fee to save the wharf and it is $2 well spent!
Shediac is known as the lobster capital of Canada and so I had to go see the Largest Lobster in the World!   

World Famous Lobster
The World Famous Lobster
The traffic was hectic, this is very much a tourist town so patience when you are driving is much needed!

I headed back to Moncton to say my good byes to the gang at Toys for Big boys in Moncton. 
It was awesome to see Larry Northrup, the owner again. He is such a kind man!  His dealership is a major sponsor for the new event Moto Moncton and he is very excited about being involved.

As I headed down the super slab, (the new Trans Canada Highway), to Grand Falls I had fresh Atlantic Salmon on the brain.  I had called my uncle and aunt to let them know what time I would be in Grand Falls to be told that my uncle had caught a fresh salmon! MMMMM…, after a great two hour visit with them and a very full belly, I headed over to the hotel. 
I was again staying at the Quality Inn Pres du Lac.

This family owned and run hotel is just down the road from my aunt and uncle’s home.
Always friendly, always helpful, the staff here really does care about their guests comfort.

The place is immaculately kept and it has wonderful amenities. Although I have never eaten a dinner time meal here, the breakfasts here are fantastic and the syrup they use for their waffles is the real maple syrup but then you would expect nothing less while in New Brunswick, the home of Canadian Maple Syrup among other things!
What I truly appreciate in this hotel are the entrances to your ground floor room. There is a card lock on both the out side and inside hallway doors. No need to go inside and unlock your room first, you simply pull up, open the screen door and use your room card to unlock the door. Another thing I appreciate is the cleanliness. I have stayed here 4 times in total and never once have I witnessed and unkempt or ill repaired room.

The showers have great water pressure and temperature, the pool area is wonderful with a sauna and whirlpool and the outdoor basket ball court and putting greens offer some additional activities over and above the exercise room.

The hotel also offers great conference and banquet rooms, perfect for hosting that motorcycle rally and or meeting! I have truly enjoyed my stays at this hotel and think you would too! Rates start at $116 for corporate customers and breakfast is included.

Quality Inn Près du Lac
10039 Route 144, St. André, NB, E3Y 3H5

Phone: (506) 473-1300
Fax: (506) 473-5501

Day 32 of the Share the Road, Share the Ride Conga

Captain Dan's
Captain Dan's

I arrived in Moncton at 7:30pm. At 8 pm I was to be riding with a few of the Moncton HOG Chapter members and we headed to Shediac and Captain Dave’s on the Famous Shediac Wharf.
We had supper and a shared a ton of discussion about the U2 concert.

We walked the wharf and looked at the various sailboats and the RCMP boat that was docked.

There is something about being on a wharf at night, the way the lights hit the water makes it feel so special.

It's $2.00 to park at the wharf, the funds go into maintaining it. It is a small price to pay to keep something so beautiful well looked after! 

The lighthouse at the wharf
The lighthouse at the wharf
The RCMP boat
The RCMP boat
As we stood in the parking lot getting ready to saddle up, the general consensus was that a lot of fun had been had by all. As we headed back to Moncton some 25 Kms away down a swoopy back road, I realised for the first time that my trip was coming to a conclusion.

It was back to the Marriott for me. The hot tub and my bed were calling.

The Marriott has some remarkable staff and the man who checked me in this time, is the same man who checked me in the previous week and guess what, he remembers me!

The lobby of the Marriott Residence Inn
The lobby of the Marriott Residence Inn
Denis Theriault was fabulous to deal with both times and I thank him deeply for the courteous and friendly service.

And to the gal who came to my room at midnight to change the bathroom light – THANKS!
The suites here are luxurious and the hotel offers world class amenities. I loved it, I felt so special here!

The bed was calling really hard and I had no trouble succumbing into a deep, deep sleep.

Again, if on your trip you decide you deserve a little pampering, consider the
Residence Inn Moncton
600 Main Street · Moncton,
New Brunswick E1C 0M6
Phone: 1-506-854 7100
Fax: 1-506-854 7108

motorcycle new brunswick

Day 25 of the Share the Road, Share the Ride Conga

very large breakfast buffet
A very large breakfast buffet with a host of choices

I got up to a glorious morning.  I had a hot shower, a great hot shower and a fabulous cup of coffee.
I edited some photos and got myself organized for the day.  I went down to the breakfast room, I was so surprised at the virtual feast that is provided. Hot eggs, sausage, fruits, cereals, juices...

I had a healthy breakfast and headed back to the room to get my bags for check out.

I looked longingly at the hot tub and promised myself I would take advantage of that on my return.
We have a date this hot tub and I!

If you are looking to pamper yourself a bit while on the road, may I recommend you try this hotel.
It is simply marvellous and with all of the amenities, it is a good value.

Rooms at The Marriott start at $139.00 for corporate and $159.00 regular – this is one sweet hotel with tons of amenities and very conveniently located for easy access to the highways!

The Marriott Residence Inn Moncton
600 Main Street · 

Moncton, New Brunswick 
E1C 0M6 Canada
Phone: 1-506-854 7100
Fax: 1-506-854 7108

I left Moncton and headed towards Nova Scotia, it was such a glorious morning to ride...

Day 24 of the Share the Road, Share the Ride Conga

Day 24

I met Michael, the German Tourist that has been riding with me for breakfast and he told me he would ride with me as far as Moncton but that he was headed to Baddeck on the Cabot Trail and the Cabot Trail Campground. Apparently the owners are German and offer very affordable rates for camping and the Ratman likes his camping! 

I told him my plans for visiting the Grand Falls in the day as the last time I was through – I only saw the falls at night. Then I wanted to see the covered bridge in Heartland and visit Outback Joe's in Woodstock and have lunch there. Final destination of the day for me was in Moncton at the Marriott Hotel.

We rode over to the falls only to be disappointed as the dam gates were being worked on but none the less enjoyed the view of the gorge.

In 2010 a Zip Lining company called Zip Zag had started up and were offering you the opportunity to really experience the gorge by literally flying over it at up to 45 Kms per hour! The entire tour takes about 1 hour for a cost of CAD $35.40 + Tax.
Check them out at:

Now I am terrified of heights but this, this looked like fun and I may have to consider trying it at some point, it just won’t be this trip! 

Here is the link to the Zip Lining Video I took:

We left the Zip lining area and rode through Grand Falls; it is such a pretty city. The next stop was Heartland and the covered bridge.

The town of Heartland represents its name very well. Nestled in a gorgeous valley, the town makes you feel like you were back at the turn of the century.
 Shopping Centre
The Shopping Centre
Hartland Bridge
The Hartland Bridge
The Hartland Bridge is the longest covered bridge in the world and was originally opened on July 4, 1901, the 1,282 foot (390.75 m) bridge is a national historic site and was covered as part of major repairs to it that took place in 1921, the pedestrian walkway was added in 1945.

Hartland is also home to several famous politicians including Hugh John Flemming and Richard Hatfield; two of the provinces former premiers. A renowned poet, Alden Nowlan, made Hartland his home for several years!

For more information on Hartland and the Longest Covered Bridge visit their web site:

I had been given a tip by one of the riders I met at a gas station to try the back highway to Woodstock and so, back highway it was! We took the 103 to Woodstock instead of the new four lane Trans Canada Highway. The gent was right too – what a wonderful curvy and hilly ride this was!

I have some video of this side road that I will post when I get all my videos edited...

We arrived in Woodstock and sought out Outback Joe’s Tattoo Shop.
After getting the tour of the shop, Joe recommended a great river side pub for Ratman and I to have lunch at. I had the fish special – pickerel no less! Man was that ever a treat!
Piercing shop
Outback Joe in his Tattoo and Piercing shop

The Riverside Pub
The view from the deck of the pub we had lunch at - The Riverside Pub
What a gorgeous town
You can check out Joe's shop at:  678 Main St, Woodstock, NB E7M 2C8  Phone 506-328-8287

Following Joe’s recommendation we took 105 to Fredericton instead of staying on the Trans Canada – thanks for the map Joe!  There were a few tricks to getting to the 105 but man oh man what a sweet stretch of road!  Once I have some time to edit some video, I will post a video here as wel. The roads were wonderful, so pretty that words just don't do them justice!

Once through Fredericton, I was destined for the Marriott Hotel and Ratman – Michael Schreoder of Germany was off to Baddeck on the Cabot Trail…we wished each other a safe journey and I called Stephanie to let her know I had arrived.  It was a bad day to arrive in Moncton with all of the preparations for the upcoming U2 Concert. Traffic was very heavy and so it was decided that we would get together with Brian Stuart, special surprise – I got to see Mark Vale, Mark used to be a member of the Bike Club but now that he’s out of school he now works at Toy’s for Boys Harley-Davidson in Moncton.  
I was happy to see the young fella! We ate at the restaurant right across from the hotel. It’s a rather funny place to eat at. If you want to sit out on the deck, you kind of have to stock the other patrons to scoop their seats – they don’t believe in a waiting line or list – first come first served – made for an interesting evening.

While we ate supper and visited – we also made plans for my return trip. I would ride with the local HOG Chapter to a small place just outside of Moncton. 
The wonderful living area of the room at the Marriott Residence
Marriott Residence
The KICK butt kitchen!
Marriott Residence
A really, really comfortable bed

The room at the Marriott had me feeling like a rock star! 
What a place, the bed was HUGE and comfortable, the kitchen was wonderful, I had picked up a few snacks and decided I would make myself a night time snack and settled in to watch the news on the big screen TV!

Day 23 of the 2011 Share the Road, Share the Ride Conga

Day 23 of the 2011 Share the Road, Share the Ride Conga would prove to be a very easy travel day in spite of doing 850 Kms and having to navigate through three cities. Once out of Ottawa the traffic was moderate and everyone seemed in a good mood – it was a really pleasant day for travel!

I checked into my room at the Quality Inn Pres du Lac in St Andre, just out side of Grand Falls. After I unloaded my bike, I phoned my aunt and uncle to see if we could have a coffee together. I visited with them until about 11pm and then headed back to the hotel and my room for some much needed slumber. I love this hotel for many reasons. The staff are wonderful, the view from your room is fabulous, the breakfast is a small feast and the pool etc are an added bonus!
Cabins dot the man made lake at the Quality Inn Pres du Lac
Cabins dot the man made lake at the Quality Inn Pres du Lac

Ample parking Quality Inn Pres du Lac in St Andre
Ample parking

At the Quality Inn Pres du Lac
A great place for morning coffee

The Quality Hotel Pres du Lac is 
located: 10039 route 144
(2 miles west of Grand Falls)
Exit 75 on the Trans-Canada Highway 
Phone: (506) 473-1300
Reservations: 1 888-473-1300

Web Site: