Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 32 of the Share the Road, Share the Ride Conga

Captain Dan's
Captain Dan's

I arrived in Moncton at 7:30pm. At 8 pm I was to be riding with a few of the Moncton HOG Chapter members and we headed to Shediac and Captain Dave’s on the Famous Shediac Wharf.
We had supper and a shared a ton of discussion about the U2 concert.

We walked the wharf and looked at the various sailboats and the RCMP boat that was docked.

There is something about being on a wharf at night, the way the lights hit the water makes it feel so special.

It's $2.00 to park at the wharf, the funds go into maintaining it. It is a small price to pay to keep something so beautiful well looked after! 

The lighthouse at the wharf
The lighthouse at the wharf
The RCMP boat
The RCMP boat
As we stood in the parking lot getting ready to saddle up, the general consensus was that a lot of fun had been had by all. As we headed back to Moncton some 25 Kms away down a swoopy back road, I realised for the first time that my trip was coming to a conclusion.

It was back to the Marriott for me. The hot tub and my bed were calling.

The Marriott has some remarkable staff and the man who checked me in this time, is the same man who checked me in the previous week and guess what, he remembers me!

The lobby of the Marriott Residence Inn
The lobby of the Marriott Residence Inn
Denis Theriault was fabulous to deal with both times and I thank him deeply for the courteous and friendly service.

And to the gal who came to my room at midnight to change the bathroom light – THANKS!
The suites here are luxurious and the hotel offers world class amenities. I loved it, I felt so special here!

The bed was calling really hard and I had no trouble succumbing into a deep, deep sleep.

Again, if on your trip you decide you deserve a little pampering, consider the
Residence Inn Moncton
600 Main Street · Moncton,
New Brunswick E1C 0M6
Phone: 1-506-854 7100
Fax: 1-506-854 7108

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