Friday, August 27, 2010

From Campbellton to Charlottetown...

Around noon on August 26th I left Campbellton - destination, Charlottetown.

At the turn off for Edmunston - I decided to take a small side trip - I wanted to see what Janesville looks like today and if it had changed at all. As a young girl we had gone there to play on the beach.

It was truly like being taken back to the 60's and early 70's - the time of my childhood.
Irving gas stations
From the parking lot of the Irving gas station - nothing and I do mean nothing appears to have changed.
Even the church we went to on Sundays is the same...

As I rode along I took a few pictures of the greenery because in places the frost has already hit and leaves are changing and I wanted to give you a visual of the before and after because when I come back through this way in two weeks - it is going to look drastically different!

Another thing about New Brunswick - very much like Quebec - are the little churches every where.
Another Church

Some of them take my breath away - the architecture is so stunning or like the one above - there is something special that touches me...

Yes, I look forward to more time in New though, the destination is Charlottetown PEI and one more place I have never ventured to before is about to be taken off of my bucket list!

Until tomorrow - ride safe everyone...

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