Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moncton - The Bike Club, Toys for Big Boys and the sights of Moncton

I left Charlottetown at about 11:30 AM after a disturbing and frustrating call with Purolator. When it absolutely must get there - do NOT use this company. If you don't care if you ever get your package then give them a shot but from my experiences with this company - they never deliver on time and are more likely than to to loose your items...anyway I digress.

On the road - finally, I thought I was going to get some much needed wind therapy. After a delay on the Confederation Bridge we finally got under way and after some time I ended up behind this Fish Co-op Truck - a semi, that started loosing all kinds of fishy salt water all over the highway, me and my motorcycle.

When I was finally able to pass this guy I tried to signal to him that he had problems but typical of too many drivers today he thought I was a crazy lady and tried to pass me not once but twice....NO way I was getting behind him again...so I left him to continue spewing his rotten and foul smelling load all over the highway - and sadly any other unsuspecting motorist.

Once in Moncton I found the Harley-Davidson/KTM/Honda dealer Toys for Big Boys and had them put on a new rear tire to replace the new rear tire that was on the bike but completely worn out ( Check out this Blog post for all of the details: http://beltdrivebetty.blogspot.com/2010/08/road-trips-and-your-motorcycles-tires.html)

The staff at this shop is so friendly and it didn't hurt that one of the kids from the Bike Klub works here (Mark Vale)  and it also didn't hurt that Brian Stuart the man behind Harley tech talk works here too.

The Betty Bike
What an honour it was to sit on the bike that was named after me...
After getting my bike sorted, Mark Vale drove me to the High School so I could meet the Betty Bobber and some of the kids who are already confirmed to be part of the 2011 Bike Klub.
Pictures don't do her justice that is for sure...

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul, Chelsea, Keegan and of course Mark Vale - these are the 4 confirmed members of the Klub for the 2011 school year and more will be confirmed next week.
 I toured the shop and Mazz had their projects out on display for me to see.

He explained that the Bike Klub has use of the shop equipment but only has a small space to work in. He also explained that they could use a couple of really good bike lifts, a locking tool box and tools of their own as sharing them with the other classes that use the shop can be frustrating and discouraging.

Some of the equipment in the shop that the kids have access to...
 Mazz is a dedicated teacher who wants to see these kids flourish...
 Mazz's Classroom

Stephanie is the mom of one of the former students of Bike Klub and has stayed involved as a chaperon and supporter because she see the value of what the Bike Klub offered for her son.

The kids of the 2011 class so far:
Me with Keegan
 Keegan who rode his pedal bike to the school straight after work and arrived out of breath just to come meet me. Talk about an honour!
Chelsea & Paul
Chelsea & Paul
With Mark Vale
Mark Vale
What a special treat it was to see these kids - different ones from the ones we had come to Grande Prairie but none the less - I feel a little like they are my kids - and I felt so humbled and honoured to meet them it was great to see Mazz and Stephanie again too!

Now, back to the Harley Shop to retrieve Black Betty and find out the damages to my credit card...

The Harley-Davidson demo truck was at Toys for Big Boys and it was a busy day at this dealership as a result.

When I got to the shop Brian and Mark had my bike ready - new tire on and Mark was just washing some of the chum spray off of it for me.

Brian explained to me all about my tire and what had happened to what I thought was a new tire (read my news blog to find out more about what happened to the tire and why: http://beltdrivebetty.blogspot.com/2010/08/road-trips-and-your-motorcycles-tires.html)

Brian had a tech sheet for me complete with we bite information and took the time to explain to me what had gone on.

The young men at the service counter were fantastic from the gent who took the call from Red Rock about me needing to get a tire changed to the young man who was my service adviser (Josh Cormier) - great staff. I can't say enough good things about them.

$300 later and I was on a much safer bike to ride...my clutch handle had even been lubed as was my kick stand (after riding in all that rain they were a tad squeaky) Young Master Vale did a great job for me.

I paid my bill and on the way out I was reminded to take extra care in corners for the first little bit...

What wonderful care and concern - it is no wonder why this shop is so busy! What great staff.
If you ever find yourself in need of a souvenir or work done on your bike and you are in their region..They are a Honda, KTM and Harley-Davidson dealer.

Toys for Big Boys
633 Salisbury Road
Moncton, New Brunswick
Phone: (506) 858-8088
Fax: (506) 382-5601

 Now to find my hotel....

Next morning - after a fabulous sleep, Stephanie picked me up an took me all over Moncton.

We stopped back at the dealership to take pictures with the staff because the ones I had taken the previous day did not turn out well.
team of angels
The team of angels who looked after me yesterday...
with Brian Stuart
Brian Stuart - technician extraordinaire and manager of Harley Tech Talk!

Stephanie and I
While Stephanie and I were there her good friend Roy Powers showed up and so we took more pictures!
Roy and I
Stephanie & I
Main Street Moncton
Main Street Moncton
 The Statue devoted to John Salter, first Mayor of Moncton
Mayor of Moncton
The Chocolate river
The Chocolate river - called so because it brown and the banks are mud...this leads to the bay of Fundy

I love old architecture and there is none finer than in churches...as you can see....

Now no trip to Moncton is complete unless you go to Magnetic Hill and let your car go backwards up the hill, in nuetral with your feet off the brakes and the gas...what a rush!

entrance to Magnetic Hill
The entrance to Magnetic Hill where you can also eat a Beaver Tail...

The sweetest, gooiest creation on earth! It's like an elephant ear but you can choose from about 8 different toppings. They are so sweet and rich!

The Arch above and below is made from all kinds of things like canteens, pitchforks, trowels etc...

Centennial Park
In Centennial Park
A train coming through the wooden bridge also in the park
an anchor in the park and below the island...
Moncton is a gorgeous old city - not as old as some but still old compared to many in Canada and it has a a vast history...take the time to visit - you will be glad you did - I want to thank Stephanie for taking me around! Your chauffeur skills and tour guide skills were awesome!

Until later...ride safe

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