Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Moncton

Customer service - I had thought before I left on this trip that it really didn't exist any more but I have had some of my faith restored on this trip. From the H-D shops in Charlottetown and Moncton to the many hotels/motels I have stayed at I have discovered that there truly are places where customer service still lives. The Holiday Inn Express in Moncton is such a place.

Caprice was the gal behind the counter who took care of me when I checked in. She asked for my name, found my reservation, we got my paper work filled out and then after she explained all of the amenities of the hotel - the pool, sauna and gym, she asked if there was anything else she could do to make my stay better. I asked about water and a bucket so I could give my bike another going over... (the H-D Shop had washed it, but I wanted to go over it again and use some Hogswipe to really clean her up and get her shining for my trip into Digby in a day and a half).
My Stuffs on bike delivered to room
A bucket and rags was delivered to my room...
Started to settle everything in the room
I got everything off the bike and started to settle in...

The room was well appointed, everything a guest could hope for was there except the Internet in this room would not work - not the wireless or the hard wire...

I called the front desk to see if there was something I was doing wrong...but it appeared I had everything right on my end - Caprice came down to the room to see if there was anything more that could be done and no, there was not - she explained they were just switching to a new service provider and they were having a few challenges in this wing so would I mind if they moved me to the other side of the hotel where she knew the Internet was working as the technicians had just finished the upgrade. She explained that unlike this room the one they wanted to put me in did not have a drive up but that i would be able to see my bike from the room.

I agreed to the move as the Internet is kind of important to what I do. Caprice got a cart, we loaded all of my stuff and she hauled it to the room while I moved my bike.

I get to to the room only to find it is a suite not a room and wow, the place was huge!
Huge Room with a kingsize bed

A king sized bed, two night stands, a big closet, a bathroom you could hold a party in, a kitchen and a living room with a desk and office chair - SWEET!

And yes - I could see my bike from the window. As promised the Internet worked perfectly - Caprice had actually ensured that by testing the connection BEFORE I was transferred to the room.

Thank you Caprice for the fantastic Customer Service - this gal, like Michelle in Moncton really delivered and I am so deeply appreciative of the commitment to customers she exhibited. Another Customer Service Super Star!

I finally got a bit of a chance to take in some of the Hotel as I had the need for a little something in my tummy and was delighted to have a muffin from the front desk (where they have coffee and tea with real creamer available all night long).

Moist and delicou
Moist and delicous - the muffin was a rare treat at 4:30 in the morning

The travel and tourism information and an ATM along with a guest computer in the enormous lobby were a few things I took note of. I am going to try and take advantage of the gym and the sauna later today...
The Sauna in the HotelThe Gym Area 

I took a walk around the grounds - this hotel/motel has everything a person could want from play areas for the kids to picnic areas - even a gazebo!
Play area for Kids - Spot for a picnic

Parked my bike here
Notice the bikes parked here?
I also noticed two bikes from New York State here as well...
Honda Truck
The Honda Truck caught my eye - seems bikers in this neck of the woods stop here a lot!

The Breakfast area - I have not as of yet been treated to such a feast for breakfast. Hot cinnamon buns, danishes, sausage patties and eggs, yogurt, fresh fruit, coffee and tea, juices...it is amazing!

Breakfast Area
This is one of those gems folks - now trust me when I say all of the hotels I have stayed in have been really good but this one was exceptional - however I want to reiterate again that of all the amenities in the world mean nothing without good staff and Caprice - you made my stay!

If you are in the Moncton area - I would highly recommend the Holiday Inn Express...give them a try and tell the Belt Drive Betty sent you - use your BDB Club membership card to take advantage of the special rate they offer our members....

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Moncton
2515 Mountain Road
Moncton NB E1G 2W4
Toll Free: 866-867-6070
Fax: 506-859-6070
Web Site: http://www.hiemoncton.com/

Until next time - ride safe...

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